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This will make me think twice the next time a friend asks me to hold their sword for them...Cat earns keep by randomly picking winning lottery numbers...Talk about your rotten luck; 20-year affair ends with loss of penis, life...Hey kids, let's eat some testicles to help raise money for charity!...After exerting as much mental effort as possible in planning what he thought would be the perfect thrill-seeking convenience-store hold up, Robinson Rivera sets pace for Stupidest Criminal of the Year honors...Rouge cow executed for crimes against Cambodian villagers...While we're on the subject; phantom bull described by witnesses as clever, sneaky, elludes police for hours in Miami Lakes (the accompanying picture says it all)...And, on a final note for the week; Christian Clown Klutzo busted for clowning with kids - and, in a bizarre twist of fate, other, law-abiding Klutzo from same town forced to retire because of mistaken identity...

WTF? moment of the week:

In a less than surprising revelation October 9th, the Bush Adminstration proved their incompetence yet again...According to the SITE Intelligence Group, a secret video of Bin Laden was obtained and subsequently passed on to 2 high-level Bushites with the caveat that they not reveal their possession of the tape until Al Qeada itself released the video to the general public. This, of course, did not happen and within hours the Administration officials had made its existence common knowledge to numerous intelligence agencies, cable news (Let's get it right on FOX so we can scare the shit out of every Republican in the country!) and, generally, every major worldwide broadcasting outlet. That, in and of itself, is disgusting and simply provides more support for those that argue that the White House is untrustworthy - remember, these are the same untrustworthy people who made me actually feel sorry for John Ashcroft after Alberto's strong-armed Corleone-esque hospital visit was recently revealed. Unfortunately, the exposure of Bush et al as untrustworthy deal-breakers with unparalleled near-sightedness is nothing compared to the years of work by SITE that went up in smoke in a matter hours thanks to the cowboy attitude we've all grown so accumstomed to. So, add this one to the growing list of failures accomplished by the Bush Adminstration:

- 9/11
- Closed-door energy talks with Enron
- Intelligence Book-cooking
- Guantanamo
- Tora Bora
- The "end" of major combat operations
- Abu Ghraib
- Madrid
- London
- Domestic Surveillance
- The Gestap...whoops, I mean The Patriot Act
- Hurricane Katrina
- The Walter Reed Hospital disgrace
- Prosecutor Firings
- Alberto Gonzales
- Blackwater
- Intelligence Mishandling
- and it goes on and on...

Is there (a more reprehensible person on the planet than Ann Coulter)?
In case you missed it, her foot-in-mouth disease reared its ugly head again the other day on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch when she asserted that, not only should America be comprised of nothing but Republicans, but America should be exclusively Christian as well. Deutsch, being Jewish, naturally asked her to explain herself to which she leveled the normal, biggoted slander we're used to from her, asserting that Jews should be "perfected" and that, essentially, Christians are better. Whether said in jest or out of true feeling is not certain when watching the clip. What is certain, however, is that even remotely biggoted remarks like it are common from her, hence her continued appeal as a flashpoint for the left and a martyr on the right. Her constant twisting of the facts, propogation of hate and absolute reluctance to recognize that we're all in this together is so beyond disturbing to The Cupcake, I cringe just thinking about her. What's even scarier to think about are the millions of Americans out there just like her. If anyone needs perfecting, its her (and them). Wait a second, I forgot, I'm not a biggot, so to merely suggest such a course of action is against my faith in the American people to judge for themselves what lines of reasoning they want to believe. However you personally slice it, God help us.

You should check out: With Signs Following by Creech Holler...to use one of Jules Winnfield's favorite adjectives; these guys are the baddest-ass mushroom cloud-laying mutherfuckers I've heard in a long time. Their set at Star Bar was unreal, check them out at all costs

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  1. dystemper909 On October 17, 2007 at 6:25 AM

    Maybe Ann "If Democrats Had Brains They'd Be Republicans" Coulter can replace Dana Perino as White House Press Secretary. Then Dick Cheney can just go ahead and pop an entire bottle of Vicodin over the fact that his Pinocchio became a real boy and appointed an anti-Semitic string mop to represent them.

    Ned (Hey JB, Keepin it real) On November 15, 2007 at 7:58 PM

    Hmmm... freedom of speech, anyone?
    Perhaps Ann Coulter does think Christians are perfected Jews. Do Jewish folks believe Christians have it all figured out - that they are perfect? Pretty hard to believe, isn't it? If they thought that, wouldn't they be Christians?
    Do Muslims think Christians have the whole story dead to rights? Don't think so.
    Maybe if Christians believed what Jews or Muslims professed, they'd have a "perfect" understanding of religion?
    Last time I checked, perfect was the opposite of wrong. And if Christians aren't right, then guess what, they are wrong (read: not perfect). Hmmm...maybe there can actually be more than one perspective - that's a thought.
    Well, what Ann Coulter relayed were her (and many other folks') interpretations of Christian teachings. Last time I checked, religious beliefs and freedom of speech were allowed - maybe even considered, er, sacrosanct, by the left.
    Of course that doesn't apply to those who express what you don't agree with, but why should it, right? Those folks aren't perfect, they're wrong.
    PS - I'm not a Christian, so hop off your horse.