Its a good thing there were no other kangroos reported missing in the entire country of Germany (shocking, I know) or else the cops might have had trouble identifying Skippi...Taking parody to a whole new level, the latest in ghetto fabulous footwear is even offered in kids sizes - just in case any of your little ones at home are aspiring drug lords (free shipping too, woo hoo!)...I was beginning to think bees (or lack thereof) would be the death of us...Larry Craig isn't the only conservative who likes public restrooms as Operation Summer Heat nets Episcopal preist, among others, in North Carolina...Those Orlando squirrels are vicious I tell you...Ah, the things that lead to severe genital bruising: "He pronounced her name May-gan, instead of Mee-gan, prompting Conroy to get upset"...When I think of animal attacks, buffalo rarely come to mind, especially unprovoked buffalo...The victim — described as a “quiet family man” — was attacked after playing pool with pals at a bar in Washington, Tyne and Wear...I'm glad Michael Vick realizes what he, you know, did was immature and that he has to, you know, grow up...The recent GAO report on the less than adequate performance of the Department of Homeland Security comes as no surprsise..."Those fireworks were meant to go up 30 to 40 feet in the air," he said. "And they went off in his face instead!"...and, finally, ever wondered what it would be like to own a lighthouse of your very own? Check out these digs located 3 miles off shore in the middle of the Delaware Bay...

You should check out: ...and this is our music by Brian Jonestown Massacre (thanks to Charli for her immaculate directions)...Anton is on his game big time

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  1. Hans On September 7, 2007 at 8:30 AM

    Hey bud,

    I found this Web site I thought you'd eat up. It's all about those freaks who try to repress us smokers. Screw off, you life-loving dumbasses. We're doing what we want, when we want, and we don't care about your "ew, cancer sticks" crap. So, when we're on vents at age 50, you'll be healthy with your 6.2 kids and all- who cares? Maybe your cell phone will kil you first. Screw the anti-Americans who say it isn't ok to excercise our right to darkened teeth and nicotine love- rock stars are cool, we idolize them and they smoke and drink and shoot up and rock out.

    Check it, man. Love to The Brit Pop.